Get Grounded.

KRI Level One – Foundations

This Inaugural International Training will be a once in a lifetime special event!

Our Level One will be in a three intensive week model: September, December and March. This model will not only be an effective way to achieve continuity and build a high concentration of potent yogic technology but also a grounded way to allow integration and marination between weeks.

If you are looking for alternative course models, we completed our KRI Level One Training at Yogi Bhajan’s Ashram, Hacienda de Guru Ram Das in New Mexico, USA and highly recommend their month long immersion as well as the incredible International Immersion Courses facilitated by our teacher, Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa. Another fantastic local option is the 8-month weekend model offered by Yoga West in Vancouver.

To find trainings and teachers all over the world, KRIIKYTA and 3HO are recommended resources.


Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa has been singing for as long as she can remember. Her journey with the sound current began many years ago and doesn’t seem to have an end—instead it has become an infinite quest for the anahat, or unstruck sound. A student of sound for more than 15 years, she integrates the Naad into her music, teaching, and healing practices. She has studied with some of the great Sound practitioners in the West: David Hykes, Shanti Shivani, and Pandit Mukesh Desai and is also influenced by the the Shabd Guru—the sound current in the Sikh tradition. Her music focuses on using sound to move the body, the mind and the breath toward powerful transformative experiences that uplift the individual and serve the soul. A writer, editor, poet, singer and songwriter—and a pretty good cook, too—Sat Purkh serves as Editor and Creative Director of the Kundalini Research Institute. She recently authored Everyday Grace: The Art of Being a Woman, an introduction to women’s teachings of Yogi Bhajan and has released 9 Albums of Sacred Sound.

Nirvair Singh Khalsa began studying with Yogi Bhajan in 1971. He is a retired University Instructor at the University of Alaska Anchorage where he taught classes in Kundalini Yoga for 31 years. He has authored nineteen DVD’s/Videos and four books on Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. He has also taught classes, workshops and trainings throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Currently he is the CEO and President of the Kundalini Research Institute. He is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 and a KRI Level Three Teacher as well as a KRI licensed Level One and Two Lead teacher trainer. He lives with his wife of 46 years, Nirvair Kaur, in Tesuque New Mexico.

  • Awakening Consciousness: The Practice and Principles of Kriya and Meditation
  • History & Philosophy of Yoga
  • Asana: Principles of Alignment
  • Pranayam: Principles of the Breath
  • Sound & Mantra: The Science of Naad
  • Becoming a Teacher: Identity and Projection
  • Becoming a Yogi: Humanology and Lifestyle Studies
  • Professional Ethics and Applied Settings
  • Physical and Subtle Anatomy
  • Practicum: Teaching from Day One

Level One Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is a transformative experience, whether you decide to teach or simply use it as an opportunity for personal growth, you will change. Those changes can be a challenge to your family and your community. Don’t take it personally; and definitely don’t make any big decisions during Teacher Training. Simply allow yourself to dive deeply into your own identity – and above all, Keep Up!

The course is a physical and mental challenge. Do your best to set up your life to support your Teacher Training experience because, once it’s over, your Teacher Training experience will definitely support your life!

  • September 17th – 23rd, 2020
  • December 3rd – 9th, 2020
  • March 11th -17th, 2021
OUR training
  • Ahimsa
  • Vegan
  • Sheepskin + Fur Free
  • Safe, Sacred Space for Men + Women
  • Scent-Free

You can miss 10% or 20 hours of the entire course and make the time up with homework; any additional time off, you would need to either pay to participate in another training or pay for a trainer to sit with you and go over the content – basically paying for a private session. If you miss more than 20% of the course (even with make-up work), you are not eligible for certification.

  • There will be a $150 non-refundable deposit upon application
  • Applicants will be contacted for an entrance interview prior to acceptance
  • Rates include tuition, manuals, certification + a one-year IKYTA membership
  • EARLY REGISTRATION: $4050 CAD (3100 USD) paid in full by May 1st
  • STANDARD REGISTRATION: $4750 CAD (3600 USD) after May 1st
  • LATE REGISTRATION after Sept 7th: $4900 CAD (3750 USD)
  • 5% GST will be applicable
  • White Tantric Yoga is not included and must be completed for certification
  • Please inquire for payment plan option
  • Accommodations not included
  • International registrants please inquire for accommodation options
  • $200 cancellation fee before June 1st
  • $500 cancellation fee between June 1st – Sept 10th
  • No refund after Sept 10th regardless of attendance
  • No refund after the program has commenced
  • No refund on course manuals
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