Get Grounded.

Sensitive is a Super Power

I used to think being sensitive was a bad thing; like I was cursed or something, as I have been told time and time again to ‘stop being so sensitive all of the time’. I was told constantly that I was ‘too emotional’ so I found various ways to numb the f✌🏼k out from any and all things emotion.

As time passed, the more I numbed out, the more disconnected I became, the more uncomfortable I felt in my own skin.

To not feel, as a sensitive person, is like a dog trying to be a cat, it just didn’t feel right.

So, for all my ‘sensitive’ friends; you have a gift, and quite honestly, a superpower; learning to work with these superpowers will not only allow you to heal and help others, you’ll be able to heal and help yourself.

If you find yourself numbing out; trying to not feel so much, there is a far better way to live and I’d be honoured to help guide you to that sacred place.

Meghan Weir

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