Get Grounded.

Recovery is not the Final Destination

The entire time, I thought recovery was the destination.
I was so committed to doing the do; staying open & honest with myself, & with others; focussing on staying healthy and free from my addictive patterns & behaviours; amping up my self care, that, that is all I became hyper-focussed on, and in turn, I lost my soul-self in the process.
Believe it or not, I lost myself in my recovery.
I became so focussed on all the shit that went wrong in my addictions, I forgot to focus on what went right because of my addictions.
Through doing the deep work that I’ve invested thousands of dollars, time, and energy on; what I’ve learned is although my recovery work is important, what is vital, is fulfilling my souls purpose.
We aren’t here to focus souly on our healing, and our recovery.
We are here to turn our pain into our purpose.
We are here to move beyond our recovery to self discovery.
We are here to serve our people through our own life’s experiences.
The greatest healers & teachers that I know personally, and through reading, have come from the murkiest, most appalling, disgusting of waters.
I know I am so much more than my disease AND my recovery from eating disorders; codependency; excess partying.

I am here to run towards my shadows, as scary as they may be, excavate through my old stories, beliefs & fears; and align with my souls purpose, which is to set my clients free.

Garuda Centre has been my safe house in moving me beyond recovery to self discovery, and I am HONOURED to be apart of their team, and am able to share my healing gifts with our community.
If you’re seeking guidance in moving beyond recovery, to self discovery, perhaps I am your girl.
Shoot me a message through Garuda Centre and we’ll chat to see if we’d be a great fit for one another.
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