Community of Progress (CoP) for Men

We are meant for more.

Ever feel like saying F#CK My Life? I sure do, especially with therapy being the second toughest thing in the world to sell to men!

Not only do you have to admit you need help, which is hard enough for most guys (who won’t even ask for directions) but then there’s the ridiculous social stigma that getting therapy is admitting weakness instead of strength!

To add insult to injury therapy can be time consuming, results aren’t guaranteed and it isn’t cheap either. SO why bother? Because when the pressure is on, we just need to get started, and the pressure will be off. So let’s get started and let’s get to work.

🚀 You are invited to the next Community of Progress (CoP) Group that starts on Tuesday next week! This group is for men trying to change their lives for the better. By challenging ourselves and holding each other capable in a supportive group environment, we can finally make the necessary changes to our lives. What a great way to overcome your procrastination, stuckness and excuses together.

💯 Register your interest today and let us answer any questions you may have!

👀 Watch the video for more info ☝🏽


May 9th-July 25th

✨ virtual + in-person hybrid

12 Tuesday evenings 6-7:30pm

Group space limited 6-8 per cycle

💰 This group is eligible to be covered by extended health insurance

Your investment: $75/session

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