Get Grounded.

RAW | Rehab Aftercare for Women

“We must examine our own nature, our hidden agendas, our need for control, and our worn-out patterns of communication – all the things that no longer work – and be willing to let it go – even when we don’t quite know how to do it differently yet.”  –  I Am A Woman: Creative, Sacred & Invincible © KRI

We have created a safe, sacred + sober space for women to integrate and get grounded. We have a continuous intake process and our RAW program is 3-hours, 3-days per week for 3-months. Please see brochure for eligibility criteria and contact us for more info.

Rehab Aftercare for Women: Mon-Wed-Fri @ 9am-12pm


From evidence-based education to potent + profound spiritual technology, there is always something going on that you won’t want to miss…

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