Get Grounded.

RAW | Rehab Aftercare for Women

Due to COVID-19 and public health recommendations, we have closed our business for the time being. We will reopen as soon as possible as a medical centre that offers mental health and addiction services online. We look forward to resuming this incredible program! Please contact us to be placed on the waitlist for when we reopen. 

“We must examine our own nature, our hidden agendas, our need for control, and our worn-out patterns of communication – all the things that no longer work – and be willing to let it go – even when we don’t quite know how to do it differently yet.”  –  I Am A Woman: Creative, Sacred & Invincible © KRI

We have created a safe, sacred + sober space for women to integrate and get grounded. We have a continuous intake process and our RAW program is 3-hours, 3-days per week for 3-months. Please see brochure for eligibility criteria and contact us for more info.

Rehab Aftercare for Women: Mon-Wed-Fri @ 9am-12pm


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