Get Grounded.
Mindfulness Meditation

At Garuda Centre we focus on the cultural and spiritual richness of mindfulness meditation as taught by the Buddha, as well as its evidence-based theory + benefits.

In the past two decades, the healing potential of mindfulness and its practice has gained widespread recognition across various health disciplines and institutions, especially mental health. Studies have found that practicing mindfulness meditation reduces depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, chronic pain and insomnia to name a few.

Mindfulness enhances openness, emotional stability and is found to lead to better self-control, self-esteem and help decrease the tendency to take on others negative emotions. Not only does mindfulness meditation increase self-acceptance and self-awareness, it cultivates wisdom through the development of non-judgemental observation, active listening, flexibility, presence, insight + compassion.

Nonetheless, it can also be risky and challenging to our sense of self, with troubling metaphysical assumptions. As we progress to deeper stages of insight it involves ego deconstruction and reintegration, which is often overlooked or oversimplified in descriptions of mindfulness practice. Shadow work can become a prerequisite at these deeper levels in order to fully integrate back into daily life. We recommend supplementing your insight/mindfulness practice with ongoing counselling to stay grounded throughout this transformational process. This is what we do.

Metaphysical miNdfulness: ZOOMing to Enlightenment

Insight Meditation is the real deal. It is what we like to call, “The Original Mindfulness.” This weekly meditation class will assist you in understanding the origins, causes and path to the end of suffering in a contemporary and integrative way.

Through online community, group Q+A, weekly meditation and yoga we will find sanity, humour and meaning in these difficult times. Pandemic proof, practice from home in your PJs! There’s no pressure to look good or speak up over Zoom Webinar (webinar format means only the presenter is visible to everyone). Join us for a sit and come back as often as you like. No experience necessary. Pay it forward ❤️️

When: Saturdays from 10:30-11:30am virtually with Dr. De Lorenzana, starting January 30th.

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