Get Grounded.
Mindfulness Meditation

At Garuda Centre we focus on the cultural and spiritual richness of mindfulness meditation as taught by the Buddha, as well as its evidence-based theory + benefits.

In the past two decades, the healing potential of mindfulness and its practice has gained widespread recognition across various health disciplines and institutions, especially mental health. Studies have found that practicing mindfulness meditation reduces depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, chronic pain and insomnia to name a few. It also enhances openness, emotional stability and is found to lead to better self-control, self-esteem and help decrease the tendency to take on others negative emotions. Not only does mindfulness meditation increase self-acceptance and self-awareness, it cultivates wisdom through the development of non-judgemental observation, active listening, flexibility, presence, insight + compassion.

10 days of silence + Insight

Vipassana Meditation is the real deal. It is what we like to call, “The Original Mindfulness.” For beginners we highly recommend S.N. Goenka’s 10-day courses and for experienced practitioners looking for an extended retreat, we suggest  Vipassana Metta on Maui.

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