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Group Medical Visits (GMV) offer an ideal format as they enable patients to connect with others who share their condition as well as allow practitioners to provide care to 8-12 patients in one appointment. 

Benefits of Group Medical Care:

  • Improve quality of care and health outcomes.
  • Increase patient access to care.
  • Provide an additional health care choice.
  • Provide support from other patients.
  • Learn from questions posed by other patients.
  • Improve the patient-physician interaction.
Want to lead a successful GMV? Let us give you the tools to bring your passion for medicine back to life. 
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Applicants must be willing and able to take part in a group setting and have a physician or nurse practitioner referral to ensure adequate support for any ongoing or new medical issues that arise during or after the group program.

Garuda Centre is not a traditional medical clinic. We do not have the capacity to provide primary care, we are here to provide additional support for your patients.

Applicants with acute/severe mental health symptoms (e.g., psychosis, suicidality, active flashbacks etc), history of violent behaviours or other issues that would impair their participation, disrupt others in regular group activities or require specialized care (e.g., personality disorders) are NOT APPROPRIATE REFERRALS. We welcome you to contact us with any additional questions.

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