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Dr. De Lorenzana
Founder + Medical Director

Certified as an Addiction Medicine specialist by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the International Society of Addiction Medicine, Dr. De Lorenzana is leading the way to a deeper understanding of addiction and its treatment. He received his Medical Doctorate from McMaster University and is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia.

His clinical counselling practice specializes in supporting healthcare professionals and humans looking for transformation and meaning. He addresses concerns such as moral injury, compassion fatigue, existential crisis and substance misuse.

Prior to his medical career Dr. De Lorenzana completed his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and his Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia. He conducted + authored original research on the effects of Mindfulness Meditation in mental health providers as part of his graduate thesis. In addition he is a dedicated Dharma practitioner, Certified Group Psychotherapist, Registered Clinical Counsellor and Kundalini Insight® Teacher.

Dr. Carmen Chornell
Family Physician + Yoga Teacher

Dr. Carmen Chornell is a Family Physician and Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor. During medical school in Edmonton she completed yoga training from Rameen Peyrow at the Sattva School of Yoga. She then completed her Family Medicine Residency in Nanaimo through UBC. She has special interest in addictions, sports medicine, and mental health. Dr. Chornell is leading engaging, educational and embodied Group Medical Visits called Food as Medicine and Exercise as Medicine as well as yoga classes and workshops both virtually and in-person when restrictions subside.

Dr. Chornell focuses on meditative self-inquiry and self-compassion to dive deeper into the root of one’s suffering as a means to liberation. Rather than focusing on medications, her medical practice supports quieting the mind through breath work and somatic techniques, along with using food and exercise as important adjuncts for wholesome healing. She strives to create a space that allows others to listen to their own intelligence within.

Dr. Christine Layton
Family Physician + Maternity Care Provider

Dr. Christine Layton is passionate about women’s health and maternity care. She enjoys discussing everything related to pregnancy. All the way from when to go to the hospital, pain management, induction of labour, c-sections, stages of labour to what to expect in labour,  potential complications, newborn testing, and postpartum contraception options. Her 8-week Group Medical Visit program called Pregnancy 101 will provide prenatal education through the lens of a Maternity Doctor. Dr. Layton hopes to increase your sense of community, especially during COVID when it is hard to meet other expecting parents.

Vancouver Island raised, Dr. Layton completed her education in Northern BC before coming back to balmy Vancouver Island for her Family Medicine Residency training through UBC. Dr. Layton’s Group Medical Visits are fun, educational and empowering.

Ren Fukushima
Founder + COO

Ren is a Medical Office Administrator and proud West Coast Weirdo! She is a Japanese-Canadian, former corporate A-type freakshow, fight or flight work-a-holic turned Kundalini Insight® creative. Ren’s groups provide a transformational container for people to access their true power in the prayer space and release the emotional plaque trapped inside their bodies.

A politically incorrect POC, Ren’s loves yelling, swearing and bass beats. Her focus is on losing identity and her work is focused beyond sexuality and gender. Skillful at holding space to navigate and explore grief, deep-seated rage, intimacy blocks and fear, Ren makes deep work as fun and cool as humanly possible.



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