Get Grounded.
“Medicine & Meditation come from the same root. Their meaning is the same ― to heal. Medicine heals the body, Meditation Heals the Soul”
Group Medical Visits

Groups are the future! We specialize in powerful and transformative group process. Our current virtual groups are Re•Start Program for Stress, Food as Medicine and Exercise as Medicine. The intention of our Interactive virtual Group Medical Visits are to provide support and guidance from a physician to help you not only survive but give you the tools to thrive in times of uncertainty and great change. Our Garuda Groups consist of one 90-min group per week for 8-weeks plus home study and practice.

Cost MSP Eligible
When Saturdays
Tuesdays + Thursdays
Virtual Addiction Aftercare

Our signature Rehab Aftercare Programming is going LIVE as an 8-Week Virtual Experience! We specialize in inspiring transformation and we help motivated people move from recovery to self-discovery.

Cost MSP Eligible
When Mon/Wed/Fri
Rehab Aftercare

Go beyond the cycle of Relapse + Recovery. Our program moves you from recovery to self-discovery where realization takes root.
Rehab. Recovery. Realization.


Counselling at the Garuda Centre is straight-forward, exploratory and non-intimidating. Learn to navigate relationships, develop healthy boundaries + make good decisions with an expert.

life Coaching

Coaches help their clients build confidence and discover their career and life path through powerful, proven techniques and are trained through a structured professional curriculum.

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Exercise as Medicine

This 8-week Group Medical Visit Program is designed to get movement back in your life! Each week will consist of an activity, ranging from walking, yoga, weights, cardio, followed...

Cost MSP Eligible
When October Start
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Food as Medicine

This 8-week Group Medical Visit Program will assist you in cultivating an anti-inflammatory diet. This research-based approach can be either a primary treatment or adjunct treatment for anxiety, depression,...

Cost MSP Eligible
When October Start
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Virtual Group for Stress

8-Week Virtual Re•Start Group for Stress                 Saturdays @ 11:30-1pm                        ...