Get Grounded.
“Medicine & Meditation come from the same root. Their meaning is the same ― to heal. Medicine heals the body, Meditation Heals the Soul”
Group Medical Visits

Groups are the future! We specialize in powerful and transformative group process. Our current Virtual 8-Week Programs are Re•Start Program for Stress, Re•Start Program for Anxiety + Depression, Food as Medicine and Exercise as Medicine. The intention of our interactive virtual Group Medical Visits are to provide support and guidance from a physician to help you not only survive but give you the tools to thrive in times of uncertainty and great change.

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Virtual Addiction Aftercare

Our signature Rehab Aftercare Programming is going LIVE as an 8-Week Virtual Experience! We specialize in inspiring transformation and we help motivated people move from recovery to self-realization.

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Rehab Aftercare

Go beyond the cycle of Relapse + Recovery. Our program moves you from recovery to self-discovery where realization takes root.
Rehab. Recovery. Realization.


Counselling at the Garuda Centre is straight-forward, exploratory and non-intimidating. Learn to navigate relationships, develop healthy boundaries + make good decisions with an expert.

life Coaching

Coaches help their clients build confidence and discover their career and life path through powerful, proven techniques and are trained through a structured professional curriculum.

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RAM | Rehab Aftercare for Men

“Commitment will dry up and die if you don’t nurture it. Commitment needs to have a constant flow behind it. Commitment has to be nurtured, renewed, and refreshed. You...

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RAW | Rehab Aftercare for Women

“We must examine our own nature, our hidden agendas, our need for control, and our worn-out patterns of communication – all the things that no longer work – and...