Get Grounded.

Dynamic, powerful and piercing. Designed to cut through the noise, strengthen our resolve and soften our hearts. 

Kundalini Insight (Ki) – is an answer to our dissociation, dependence and despair. Ki 気 is the Japanese word for air; atmosphere; flavour; heart; mind; spirit; feelings; humor; an intention; will. Seekers thirsting for spiritual connection and real world integration can take refuge in this spiritual martial art.

At a time when we have never been more isolated and disconnected, Ki offers us a powerful antidote. It brings us together to face our fears and limitations, so we can awaken our collective joy, vitality + courage to meet the challenges of our time. We win not by our skill, size or strength but through our grounded presence. A presence, which embodies the wisdom to conquer any situation.

How it works

Ki acts as a powerful catalyst for treating addiction and other trauma mediated illnesses. It does this by taping into parts of the nervous and attachment systems (e.g., limbic), that can help reestablish intra + interpersonal connections. As these connections grow so does the link to the deeper Self, which trauma mediated responses, like addiction, are always trying to mimic or chase after.


Ki was born from a diverse background, including Group Process, Attachment Theory, Insight Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and various movement and devotional practices. Each Ki set has been choreographed in an artistic, intuitive and pragmatic way to facilitate flow and deep transformation. As a Tantric Dharma practice, Ki takes root inside our dōjō, a place of immersive learning and meditation. The Japanese word dōjō means “a place to practice the Way”.

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