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You may be a vibrant new health professional full of energy and ideas or a bored, burned out practitioner looking to reconnect and reclaim what has been forgotten or beaten out of you in this crazy, nonstop world of healthcare. Let us give you the tools and support to bring a group to life and make work feel meaningful again.

Our facilitators
  • Healthcare Practitioners
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Practicing in Canada
  • Registered + Licensed
  • Warm + Caring Humans
Why Garuda?
  • Meaningful + rewarding work
  • Flexible with your schedule
  • Work virtually from anywhere
  • Expert guidance + support
  • Motivated group participants
Our approach
  • 90-min weekly groups
  • 6-8 week group cycles
  • Focus on psychological safety
  • Evidence-based + experiential
  • High quality, diverse groups

Dedicated + caring professionals sharing their experience.

Dr. Carmen Chornell, MD CCFP RYT
“Working with the Garuda Center has been THE most inspiring, rejuvenating and liberating part of my work as a family physician. The fulfillment and satisfaction I have from running my own group medical visits has exceeded my expectations of what I thought a career in medicine could look like. I have the freedom to teach motivated patients about what I am passionate about when I want, how often I want, for how long I want. I often reflect and say to myself, is this too good to be true?! It has expanded my growth as a physician, and person, with the reliable support of the Garuda Team to help me through the process. I am so grateful to be working with these truly beautiful and authentic beings.”
Dr. Christine Layton, MD CCFP
“Working at the Garuda Centre gave me that extra nudge I needed to start providing Group Medical Visits! I'm grateful for Dr. de Lorenzana's guidance, mentorship and approach to providing a quality Group Medical Visit and forever thankful for Ren's patience with scheduling, providing EMR support, and ensuring things are running smoothly. I appreciate that the Garuda Centre is authentic and allows me to focus on what I'm passionate about! Without the Garuda Centre's support, I would not have felt empowered to start providing Group Medical Visits and providing a service that is much needed in our community. Dr. de Lorenzana and Ren are approachable and make themselves readily available to provide support and debriefing as needed.”
FROM Our founder

After 15 years working with healthcare professionals I’ve come to the conclusion the system isn’t changing, we are.

Research tells us that nearly half of clinicians report feeling overwhelmed and overworked, and that was before the pandemic! As many as 80% of people said their doctor or nurse seemed burned out during a healthcare visit in the past year. This translates into rushed, stressed out and unsatisfying encounters, which leave both providers and users of healthcare wanting. This has left many of us second guessing our decision to go into healthcare.

So what, if any, solutions are there for this rising wave of discontent? At Garuda Centre we’ve found it starts by putting meaning, purpose and passion back into the equation. We do this through safe, structured, and engaging groups. These support the growth of our participants while also protecting our facilitators from burnout and cynicism.

We cannot deny our social nature. Healthy groups heal and connect us to something greater than ourselves. Don’t take my word for it, check out the research and speak with others who have experienced their power to create lasting change.

Help us bring purpose and passion back into your work life!

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