Get Grounded.
centre for transformation

Our mission is to help you get grounded in times of great uncertainty + change.

We respect both allopathic and naturopathic medicine, evidence-based modalities and ancient wisdom traditions. We do not subscribe to celebrity medical advice nor do we dismiss the value of mantra + meditation as medicine.

We focus on behavioural medicine and natural lifestyle alternatives that help you handle the frequency, the voltage and the stress of living. Strengthen your immunity, strengthen your nervous system, strengthen your mind!

Our Values
  • Expertise + Experience
  • Potent Spiritual Technology
  • Humour + Laughter
  • Ahimsa + Respect for All Beings
  • Wisdom + Truth
  • Acknowledging Culture + Context
  • Mud + Shadow
  • Poke, Provoke, Confront + Elevate
Our Vision

To transform the base-metal of the human condition into gold, by distilling its potential and bringing it to fruition.


We are always working towards finding the intersection of social justice, spiritual evolution and personal responsibility. We focus on where spirit and psyche intersect, where the vertical and horizontal meet. We teach and preach the middle path. The middle path is a dangerous one as we are attacked by both sides. We do not subscribe to the ultra PC, cancel culture and we do not align with fundamentalism or dogma.

It seems that “reconciliation” has become an over-used and disingenuous word, especially when used without truth, accountability or action. We are all guests here, living on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nations.┬áNanaimo is an anglicized name for Snuneymuxw. The true meaning of the word is lost but many Elders of the Snuneymuxw First Nations believe that it means “A great people or strong tribe.”


Meet our Team

We value depth, quality, education and experience. Our team members are all passionate, inspired professionals and life-long learners.

How We Started

Garuda Centre was born from a dream. A place of transformation where Knowledge + Knowing come together at the highest level to bring profound insight in a grounded and heartfelt way.

Mythologically the Garuda is a divine, eagle-like sun bird that has many far-reaching parallels across traditions from the Vedic/Hindu + Buddhist to the First Nation Supernatural Eagle/Thunderbird as well as the Phoenix of Greek mythology. It is the personification of courage and a metaphor for the Atman (Self, deepest level of consciousness) and has the universal attributes of bringing Heaven to Earth, Renewal of the Spirit, Protector of the Dharma/Truth/Nature and Removal of Toxins.

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