Announcement!! Garuda Centre Retreats…

What a ride it has been….

We moved to 617 Wentworth Street in Nanaimo on May of 2019. Our business felt like an absolute magical labour of love right up until we had a newborn and the world went completely bonkers.🤪

It all feels like a blur of pressure and stress now but as more and more time passes, we feel grateful and can almost laugh at how bad it has been for us in Nanaimo!

We pivoted (so tired of that word) our business a bunch of times to survive start-up and the pandemic. First we went virtual, then changed to medical and found ourselves even more tired and unhappy. In the end, we left the medical model and are back to our roots, doing what we do best, working with the psyche and the spirit. The most unexpected and rewarding twist this year was changing our business to focus almost exclusively on men.🕺

We are not sure if you have noticed but people are really maxed out and hitting the wall these days. It may sound odd but we’ll be able to support you better from a remote location. Living a simpler life will give us the bandwidth we need to be happier in our own lives and the ability to support others in a deeper and more meaningful way. With my psychedelic-assisted therapy program finally wrapping up this month, there couldn’t be a better time to relocate and be surrounded by nature!🌲🌲

What does all this mean?

🌵Our lease is up in Nanaimo, we are relocating to the Nicola Valley

💯 There will be NO interruption in our online therapy services

🛋️ In-person therapy sessions available in Nanaimo until July 25th.

✊🏽 In closing, a BIG thank you to our family, friends, practitioners, clients, suppliers, contractors and neighbours for all the love, lessons and support on Wentworth Street!

We wish you and yours all the very best things.

Dr. John + Ren

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